Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Milk Pasteurization Machine

Pasteurized milk is popular around the world for it preserve the nutrition and flavor of fresh milk and eliminate bacteria in it. All you need is to preserve it under 4℃where the bacteria activities are inhibited, and you can get the milk with the same taste as days before. Milk Pasteurization Machine Suppliers is the dominant category in the global milk market. In India and Canada, pasteurized milk takes up over 80% of the milk products, including full defatted milk, half defatted milk and whole milk. In America, almost all milks have been pasteurized, and they are packed in large bags, which can cover a family’s total milk consumption for a week. And you can hardly find any sterilized fresh milk there.

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It should be aware that drinking freshly gushed milk is far from safe. It is likely to contain bacteria harmful to our body. Meanwhile, Milk Pasteurization Machine Manufacturers cannot relive your worry for good, the processed milk has to be stored in low-temperature condition, or it risk going bad. In this regard, many bagged milk sold on the market are improperly placed.

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