Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Milk Cooling Plant

Arumand is a leading manufacturer of Industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment. Since 1998, Arumand is providing expert cooling solutions. We are also offering Milk Cooling Plant which is used to cool milk at 4°C and to maintain freshness of milk. Milk Cooling Plant is the solution for bacteria free milk storage for Dairy/Milk Collection Centers.
The most important part of a collecting centre of milk is the bulk milk cooler (BMC). When the milk is extracted, it is at around 37°C. If the milk continues to remain at room temperature after extraction, bacterial growth will affect the quality of the milk. The BMC is meant to cool the milk to 4°C in a prescribed time. The BMC is available in different shapes and sizes which depends on the amount of milk to be cooled and the system of cooling. The tank is made of stainless steel completely welded and polished. A smooth slope is also provided in milk tank for drain outlet such a way that total milk will drain perfectly.

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